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How You Can Feel Better Naturally

Without any expensive drugs, harmful side-effects and painful additions

Natural Remedies, especially Hemp CBD are the way I live an awesome life, my family thrives, and how my community feels better everyday

Imagine your mind, body and soul as balanced and strong… you feel a deep peace….

Say Helloooo to Feeling Better and to having new possibilities that support you as you lead a more balanced and abundant life.  We are bombarded with negativity every day, and it can wear us down.

Having a healthy immune system is a huge blessing – so let’s strengthen it!  It’s time to ditch the toxins hiding in your personal care products, cleaning supplies, prescription drugs and most of the foods you’ve been consuming for way too long.

Get your energy back, so you can truly live your life to the fullest - even now!

Work with a Certified CBD Coach

We work closely with each client to understand expectations of how the right CBD products can provide them the best results. From personally researching lab reports, 3rd party validation tools, and working with some of the best integrative medical doctors in the cannabis industry, we offer multiple brands and products that are vetted to work, are pure & organic, yet cost-effective.

We are all unique, and it can take some time to find the right dosing and components that your body is craving. We help with the learning curve and recommend CBD products that are proven work for people, like you, who are dealing with similar challenges. FIND OUT MORE

So Many Benefits of CBD

There are, literally, thousands of studies that have proven that CBD products like oils, edibles, tinctures, lotions and vaping, can provide measurable health benefits.

From the relief of anxiety and depression, inflammation, chronic pain and sleep issues, CBD is being rediscovered as one of nature's miracles for many.

However, CBD although legal in the US, is not regulated by the FDA, and it is illegal to make ANY claims that it will actually

heal anything.

No wonder many people are nervous about trying something that is "untested" & unregulated.

The good news, is that the industry is booming, and people are feeling better because they are finding something that works. It seems that CBD is everywhere - in infused water, energy drinks, chapstick, gummies, lotions & oils, coffee - we've tried them all.

We had to take extra steps to find the most pure and potent products and learned the hard way that most products were not what they seemed.

At Laughing Apothecary, we do the research for you, and freely share the tools that validate the products we recommend.

Founded by Cheryl Hartley, a certified cannabis consultant with a background in technology, we know the importance of 3rd Party Lab Analyses when choosing a CBD Product. The Laughing Apothecary works with the top, organic vendors who document everything on the "farm to bottle" journey.

Rather than hit-and-miss, (there's a lot of products out there) why not work with someone who can help you find the exact right products for your unique conditions?

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing in North America - with CBD being the key driver of this growth. However, only the dispensaries are currently being regulated (for THC) while leaving the rest of the industry to manage itself. Yet, in recent surveys, 76% of adults surveyed, thought CBD products were being regulated as well. So, IS CBD really safe?

How do we know? Which products should you choose? What products should you avoid at all costs?

How do you know that it's working?!?

Cheryl Hartley founded Laughing Apothecary to provide the resources you need in order to find relief from anxiety, pain, depression, or other unbalances as well as alternatives to chemical drugs and other medical interventions.

Your Coach: Cheryl Hartley - Founder, Laughing Apothecary

Hi neighbor!

My name is Cheryl Hartley, and I've spent the past 12 years learning everything I can about Hemp CBD, the Cannabis Industry, and how to successfully market a home based wellness business.

I started the Laughing Apothecary for two reasons: 1) to make it easy for people to access life-changing Hemp CBD and other natural remedies and 2) to help them generate significant revenue in a booming industry with products everyone needs.

After a vicious 500+ sting-wasp-attack in 2009; I almost died, and was forced to leave behind my corporate marketing career, my beloved alpaca farm, and family to make healing my first priority.

Having lost it all, I moved to Colorado in the first wave of Medical Marijuana Transplants and spent 3 years in the Boulder area, clearing and balancing the ravages of extreme toxic overload in my body, mind, and soul. Dr Joseph Cohen and his staff at Holos Health were a lifesaver!

It was an expensive and painful endeavor, but SO WORTH IT!

I am alive and thriving thanks to the healing possibilities of plant medicines and am SO excited to share what works with those who intend wholeness in all areas of their lives.

In addition to my own direct healing experience & resources, I received master certification from Cannabis University, 2020.

Are you ready to learn more? Check out our resource page, and

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