Ancient Remedies in a Modern World

Maybe Grandmother was right?!

There are a lot of holistic, natural, old-world remedies people swear by.  My own grandmother used these old-world remedies and found that they “felt safer” than the newfangled meds & chemicals her friends were taking.   That she was healthy and loved a long life is strong testament.

While that isn’t true 100% of the time, some old-world remedies do in fact work well and may even work better than their modern counterparts. Luckily for you, we’ve tested these for you and come up with a great, distilled list of the best old-world remedies for your modern world ailments!

There are Herbs for Everything

The medicinal power of herbs was one of the most popular and well-known secrets of our ancestors. They had an herbal treatment for everything; they made topical ointments, oils, and ground herbs to treat everything from hair loss and rash to indigestion and fatal diseases.

While not everything the old world thought herbs could cure is actually true, there are several remedies that actually prove effective. Things like ginger and a combination of specific herbs to ease nausea or certain herbs to soothe rashes or other skin irritations. If you’re interested in the medicinal powers of herbs, we recommend researching treatments that are proved scientifically to be effective.


The Secret Lies in Your Gut
You can avoid certain foods to minimize your inflammation, eat specific foods to increase strength or help treat anemia. The food you eat affects everything in your body and your overall health.
We recommend you research what medicinal powers your favorite foods hold and what pitfalls you might be missing because of your diet.
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There’s an Essential Oil for Everything

Essential oils are another great old-world remedy that still has relevance in the modern world. In the old world, essential oils and herbs were used to treat absolutely every ailment, including things like migraines, depression, and stress, too!
Nowadays, we know these items aren’t the cure-alls they were once believed to be, but that doesn’t render them useless.
Essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, etc. can help to soothe headaches and pains, ease stress and anxiety, and some can even help promote sleep. Diffusing essential oils and breathing them in deeply can offer some medicinal benefits; we recommend relying on scientific research when purchasing these, so you don’t get tricked into buying ones that aren’t actually effective.
Your MIND is Your Most Powerful Tool
The mind is way more powerful than we give it credit for. Now, in the old world, they thought the ailments that could be overcome with the mind.  By going to the cause, physical symptoms were relieved – sometimes without the need for medical intervention.  Emotions were taken into account, and balanced in the natural world where metaphors for healing were understood.
Today, we also know that our minds hold the power to overcoming or persevering through many conditions or ailments.
A positive outlook and hope can make all the difference in a battle with a fatal illness. Positivity, focus, and determination can all help overcome limitations we once thought were insurmountable.
Changing Your Mind can be one of your most effective tools.  While some old-world remedies have been lost in translation, they still are taken seriously.
We recommend that you do your research thoroughly so that you try only the old-world remedies that are known to be effective. We wish you the best of luck in your journey and applaud you on your decision to try a more gentle approach to medication. 
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