Natural remedies - especially Hemp CBD are the way I live an awesome life, my family thrives and how my community feels better every day

Imagine your mind, body and soul as balanced and strong… you feel a deep peace….

Say Helloooo to Feeling Better and to having new possibilities that support you as you lead a more balanced and  abundant life.  We are bombarded with negativity every day, and it’s no joke.  Having a healthy immune system is a blessing – so let’s strengthen it!  

It’s time to ditch the toxins hiding in your personal care products, cleaning supplies, prescription drugs and most of the foods you’ve been consuming for way too long.  

Get your energy back, so you can have a freakin’ blast living your life again.

What are Natural Remedies and Why Do I Need Them?

Hemp CBD, essential oils and ayurvedic foods are naturally occurring, aromatic compounds found in whole-plants.  The distillation of these plants yields potent, pure oils or powders that embody the therapeutic properties of each particular plant.  The right plants are nature’s front line of defense and can help strengthen the health and immunity of our bodies naturally, without the harmful side effects of man-made drugs. 

One of my Favorite Oils is Hemp CBD

Here are just a few of the many things it can help with:

  • Ease Stress while promoting a positive mood
  • Reduce Anxiety and improve cognitive ability
  • Lower risk of nasty diseases
  • Relieve pain and swelling in your body

Our Favorite Essentials - All in One Place

Natural Ingredients You Already Have in Your Home Can Save You Money… and Even Your Life!

If you’re like most of us… you don’t think twice about popping a few pills when you wake up with a headache… 

Or taking a swig of nasty cold medicine when you start coughing and sniffling.

Prescription medications can come with a laundry list of side effects… And can break your pockets in the process.

Humans were around long before prescription meds and over the counter drugs. And they dealt with many of the same ailments and conditions we deal with today.

The only difference was… they treated their ailments with safe, natural remedies provided by Mother Nature!

They made use of powerful herbs, flowers, and other ingredients to create potent, effective remedies for a wide range of illnesses and everyday conditions!  

Doesn’t that sound better than risking a list of side effects a mile long … and paying premium prices for over the counter and prescription drugs?

Of course it does!

But if you’re like most of us… you probably don’t know where to begin when it comes to natural remedies.

How the heck do you use plants, not pills?

You breathe them in:

Diffusing essential oils allow us to breathe in the terpenes and benefits of the specific plant we need.  Aromatherapy has been around since ancient Egyptian times and continue to be a powerful ally as we deal with dirty air, contaminated food, and environmental stress.  Plus, they smell great!

You rub them on your body:

It only takes 26 seconds for your skin to transmit the essence of oils into your bloodstream.  Essential oils have an immediate impact on our health at a cellular level.  Even just a single drop can make you feel so much better.  Most oils need to be diluted with MCT or olive oil to avoid skin irritation.

You drink and/or eat them:

Some essential oils can be ingested, super foods, Hemp CBD can be taken as dietary supplements.  This way the oils’ therapeutic properties are transmitted through the gastrointestinal tract of the body to the organs and brain for maximum health benefits.  Not all oils can be ingested, so make sure you read the label before ingesting.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the application of natural remedies, essential oils, Hemp CBD and Ayurvedic Super-foods. I'm here to help.

Natural remedies, essential oils and Hemp CBD are toxic free.  They have the power to “shift and lift” the body spiritually, emotionally and physically.  They can balance chakras.  They can also open you up by removing blockages.  And they simply make you feel better.

If you have any questions about how to get started with Hemp CBD and Essential Oils, schedule a chat.

Want to turn your passion for Hemp CBD & Natural Remedies into a profitable business?

As a member of my team, you'll get all this:

  1. Private 1:1 mentoring on how to use the tools to build your business and earn passive income 
  2. Training on how to authentically share your passion – Set up your social media profiles to be lead generators 
  3. Wholesale pricing – 25-50% off retail pricing of all Hemp CBD, wellness products and ayurvedic superfoods
  4. Access to private, online forums that are focused on creating value while you are building your home-based business
  5. Access to the research on the healing power of plant medicine
  6. You deserve a proven source you can access without the cost and technical headaches of setting up your own franchise (for those who want to make money)
  7. If you just want to use the products then you get a free healthy living program to try

Becoming a Wellness Advocate was the Next Step for me after Natural Remedies & Hemp CBD Saved my Life

In August 2009, I experienced severe toxic overload after a near-fatal wasp attack that took three years to recover from.  When my doctors told me I needed ongoing dialysis, I turned to nature and found deep healing.  Now, I have the options I need in order to keep myself, family and household as healthy & toxin-free as possible.  I want to show you how to integrate the healing promise of ancient remedies with the many ways it’s possible to thrive.   What the science has proven so far is both startling and hopeful.  Learn why a home-based apothecary is the best way to get the products you need, and the income you desire.   

Empower Others

You’ll feel 10 years younger when you ditch the toxins and balance your hormones & endocannabinoid system

Save Money

Say goodbye to stress and start to strengthen your immune system.  Wellness boxes at wholesale pricing saves money

Earn Passive Income

This step-by-step approach to reclaiming your health is designed to help you feel better and even earn passive income

Here is One of the Many ways we support you


21 Day Hemp CBD Oil Transformation

Discover how to reduce the symptoms of inflammation and stress and regain your energy, motivation, and confidence by using Hemp CBD oils the RIGHT way!

Have you thought about using CBD oil to treat your chronic health problems, but feel overwhelmed about how to use it or even what brand to try? If so, this Guided 21-day challenge is for you!

JOIN Me for just 21 days and discover how to:

  • Fight off chronic conditions while easing symptoms that limit your life
  • Experience renewed energy and motivation
  • Enjoy freedom from the chronic pain in your body
  • Reverse the effects of inflammation and other chronic issues
  • Feel refreshed, rejuvenated and reinvogorated

Here's what you get:

Mighty Network Group

You will have access to a private Mighty Networks Group where you can exchange your experience, progress and discoveries with other fellow cannabis advocates

Lifetime Access

You will learn how to take CBD, how much is right for you, which brands are the best (prove it!) Where to buy at wholesale pricing and more

Weekly Q&A Sessions

I will host a weekly call to answer all your questions about the program and give you tips on how to succeed with your lifestyle change.

Material Download

You get a Comprehensive 21-Day CBD Oil Transformation Guide - Track how your use of Hemp CBD reduces the inflammation in your body and combats the effects of stress. Regain a positive outlook and thriving health

Video Learning - TBD

Each week you will get a new video packed with amazingly valuable information to keep you motivated, you give you an in-depth learning experience of your weekly module.

Unbelievable Bonuses

Each module contains additional tips and tricks to keep you on track. Secret bonuses are included to make your life easier in the long run. Checklists, scientific proof, bonus recipes, and other gifts.

Join the 21-Day CBD Oil Transformation and break free from the pain and suffering caused by poor health so you can live a joyful, thriving life!

Who is Cheryl Hartley and why should you care?

Hi neighbor!  

My name is Cheryl Hartley, and  I’ve spent the past 11 years learning everything I can about Hemp CBD, the Cannabis Industry, and how to successfully market a home based wellness business.

I started the Laughing Apothecary for two reasons:  1) to make it easy for people to access life-changing Hemp CBD and other natural remedies and 2) to help them generate significant revenue in a booming industry with products everyone needs.

After a vicious wasp attack, I was forced out of my corporate marketing job, and had to figure out a new way to make money while doing what I love.

I wrote a book,  Profiles to Profit along with an automated lead generating campaign that targets CBD users and sellers because I needed help growing my own business.   I set it up to be easily personalized, without being too “technical.” 

I would love to show you how to integrate the healing potential of plants into your life and your business.  Get in touch with me to find out about empowering yourself by becoming a Wellness Advocate and let me help you set up your own online apothecary. 

Here’s what happens after you clickety-click that magical button!

  • You will gain access to our online wholesale apothecary. It’s FREE, there are no minimums or monthly obligations should you decide to become a customer
  • You automatically gain access to a team building campaign which earns you money – even while you are taking the tour!
  • You can sell the products and earn passive income by sharing your passion.   We help you get a Fast Start – let’s do this! 

How to get the most benefit from your tour:

You will get the best pricing if you sign up as a Wholesale partner. This it FREE, and you don’t have to buy anything – but you do need to agree to the terms and conditions.  My account info should be on the form.  My sponsor ID is #753649 * Laughing Apothecary

This information will NOT be shared with anyone else but HB Naturals and me.

Your Free Tour includes access to both the Online Apothecary AND to the business building tools.  Websites, landing pages, and marketing program details are set up for you to use – we help personalize them should you decide to join our team

Keep an open mind, and we will help you understand how and why these products and solutions work so well.  You will receive several emails from me that will step you through the process. Welcome!

REFUND POLICY: Should you decide to try any of the products, know they come with a 60 day guarantee.

That's all there is to it! Welcome to my team!

You will receive an enrollment email from me within minutes with all the information you need to get logged into your online apothecary.  Here you can start using natural remedies, Hemp CBD Essential Oils and more.  I can’t wait to share this journey to wholeness with you!

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